Chris Pratt Just Posted His Most Patriotic Instagram Post Ever

Chris Pratt is simply one of our greatest living Americans (see Chris Pratt Shows the Art of Being a Man on Instagram and Chris Pratt’s Shocks MTV Movie Awards Audience: God is Real). You can’t change our minds. One day he’ll drop scripture while vacuum sealing the meat he just killed. The next day, he’s a Lego. Chris Pratt is all of us.

He’s also one of the few Hollywood A-listers to proclaim his love of America whenever he can. Both seriously, as well as with his tongue firmly in his cheek.


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Too patriotic.

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After two weeks of Brett Kavanaugh news, we needed this. Thank you, Chris Pratt. Thank you for reminding us America is the most bitchin’ country in the history of the world.

Also, if you’re here to just complain about Chris Pratt not being perfect because “he’s getting a divorce though,” please just go away. Nobody is perfect. Not me, not you, not Chris Pratt. Sorry, we’re not going to stop loving The Prattness just because he’s human with human failings. He or she who’s not erred in this mortal life, cast the first Blackberry.

‘Cause Pratty von Pratthouse openly declaring his patriotism isn’t something we see in Hollywood. He’s helping to move the culture. And for that we salute him.

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