FLASH FLOOD WARNING: Hollywood Breaks Into Hysterics Over Susan Collins ‘Yes’ Vote

Hollywood is melting down over Susan Collins “yes” vote.

The party who claims to love and champion women are now shredding this distinguished, female politican.


Hollywood celebrities from Sarah Silverman to Alyssa Milano exploded with hate against Sen. Susan Collins over her promise to vote to confirm President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh Friday.

Kathy Griffin simply tweeted, “FUCCKKKKK YOUUUUUU” to Susan Collins Friday, following up by tweeting, “Dear SenatorCollins: To quote madeleine: ‘There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’ GO TO HELL.”

“As a Buddhist it is my practice to have compassion for all people. But @SenatorCollins is really testing my limits right now,” George Takei tweeted.

“Susan Collins turns her back on women who have been traumatized by sexual assault. Elections have consequences. To start turning the ship of state back towards the rule of law, decency, truth, and the preservation of Democracy, Nov.6 has to be a lot more than a blue wave. VOTE!!!” Rob Reiner tweeted.

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