I DON’T want any of Trump supporters as my FANS, Says Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo…

Grey’s anatomy star Ellen Pompeo has declared on Twitter that she does not want any of the 63 million who voted for Donald Trump as fans.

I’m certain if any Trump supporters WERE fans, they won’t be any more.

From Yahoo

While some famous folks have always clapped back at their trolls, we’ve seen even more come out swinging recently. And they’ve moved past the polite “unfollow me” response. Things have escalated to: Don’t like me or what I’m saying? Don’t be my fan. Don’t watch my show. Don’t go see my movie.

May we point you in the direction of Ellen Pompeo‘s feed. On Twitter, the Grey’s Anatomy star didn’t pull any punches when she tweeted to her 1.3 million fans: “News flash… I don’t want Trump supporters for fans. Einstein.”

A disappointed fan took to social media to complain and said,

I can’t believe this! I’ve watched Grey’s anatomy since the first episode aired. It drives me crazy when any celebrity uses their fame to condemn others in conflict with their own beliefs. Regardless of who I voted for, I’m a fan of democracy and the principles this country was founded upon. It amazes me that someone whose success is built on her popularity with viewers of Grey’s would turn away fans. Well, I was really looking forward to this season, but Mrs. Pompeo just convinced me to find a new favorite. Attn celebs: don’t selfishly use your fame as a platform for your political views.

As the analysis from Yahoo explains, left wing celebrities are becoming even more combative and are directly getting into spats with their fans on social media.

It seems some don’t even care if they lose their fans and experts say that this may end the careers of some celebrities who think they can treat their fans how they want and continue to address them in a rude fashion.

In fact one Trump supporter wrote to Pompeo and told her that if she can’t change the way she’s treating her fans then she was going to unfollow her on Twitter.

“Please f*cking DO! Go on unfollow me,” was the response to the shocked fan.

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