IT’S LAW! If You Want Your Welfare Handout You’re Now Going To Have To Make Major Sacrifice To Keep It!

America has a huge problem with people not wanting to work. There are so many able-bodied people refusing to work while they abuse the American welfare system for handouts. There are so many people searching for jobs who can’t find one. There are people who work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. The worst people of all are those who simply refuse to work and they allow their entitlement to carry them through life on the back of the tax paying citizens who work hard their entire life. There are so many people abusing the system that finally one state has decided to act on it and place heavy requirements on the leeches of society. This governor is forcing people to be active and productive citizens in their state and the results will be astounding once this kicks in.

Some people are going to have a huge problem with a bill that just passed in West Virginia, but those people are most likely the ones who abuse the system. It was Governor Jim Justice who signed the new bill that will have a hopefully positive impact on the state and locality where it’s being implemented. This will affect food stamp recipients starting in October and it will require people to work or volunteer in order to continue receiving their welfare based handouts. It’s a positive move that will hopefully encourage more people to begin working and contribute to society.

WV Gazette reported more details on the bill: “Gov. Jim Justice signed a bill into law Tuesday that will impose work requirements on certain adults receiving benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Justice did not issue a release or convene any news conference to break the news, though the Legislature’s website quietly noted the change. Butch Antolini, communications director for Justice, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Starting Oct. 1, 2018, any able-bodied adult — a person between 18 and 49 years of age without dependents — must either work, volunteer or participate in workforce training programs for 20 hours per week to receive SNAP benefits.

Specifically, the bill rescinds West Virginia’s ability to allow the Department of Health and Human Resources to issue waivers to SNAP recipients from the federal work requirements for able-bodied working adults.

However, people in counties with a 12-month average unemployment rate above 10 percent, a 24-month average unemployment rate 20 percent above the national average for the same period, or a “labor surplus area” as designated by the U.S. Department of Labor, can receive the waivers until October 2022.

At that point, barring a change in state law, no able-bodied working adults in the state can receive waivers from the work requirement.

Those who do not receive a waiver and do not meet the work requirements can receive SNAP benefits for up to three months every three years.

The bill also requires DHHR to report the employment impact of the work requirements, SNAP caseload and other figures to the Legislature on a county-by-county basis.

Nine counties in the state have undergone a pilot program of SNAP work requirements. According to DHHR’s analysis of the pilot program, it did not have a significant impact on employment figures for the population of able-bodied adults without dependents, although it did slash the SNAP caseload.”

The bill to get people working and volunteering to keep their benefits will hopefully be successful and carry over to other states. President Trump has already seen a major decrease in the number of people receiving benefits during his first year in the White House. This is likely due to the number of job increases and a stimulated economy. Trump has seen numerous wins for which helped boom America’s job count and lower the unemployment levels.

People who need help are often granted help, but the major problem is when people who don’t need help try to essentially steal the helping hands from the taxpayers. Too many people have been caught in fraudulent activity involving theft of welfare benefits. One of the major crimes that involve the theft is when people trade a lower amount of cash for a higher amount of food stamps. This is a problem in some smaller independent deli stores where the owner allows people to buy “generic” items, or items not legally allowed to and charges them double the number of food stamps.

President Trump has a goal to get people working and it seems like his message is traveling to others. We need to work and we need to work hard.

We help those who need it and we work when we’re able to.

The days of easy money sitting on the couch are over and stealing from the hard working American taxpayers is just about over.

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