John Kelly Just Grabbed the Microphone and Left Dem Rep’s JAW ON THE FLOOR

During today’s White House press briefing, Chief of Staff John Kelly made an impromptu appearance and defended Trump’s call to the soldier’s family. He went to to completely obliterate Florida Congresswoman Wilson for trying to politicize such a heartbreaking event.

Obviously, John Kelly has a personal relation to events such as these, as his own son was killed in action during Obama’s presidency.

“When I listened to this woman, what she was saying, what she was doing on tv, the only thing I could do to collect my thoughts was to go walk among the finest men and women among this earth. You can always find them, because they’re in Arlington National Cemetery. “

Kelly ends his speech (9:00 in the video below) with a short story of a dedication of a new FBI field office in Miami in April 2015. The office was dedicated to two brave FBI members killed in a previous gunfight. According to Kelly, when congresswoman Wilson stood up to speak, all that she talked about was how she was the one who got the funding for the building.

Kelly refers to this woman as an “empty barrel,” but reminds America that none of them went to the press or criticized her publicly. They simply ignored her selfish behavior, like the professionals they are.

Words are not powerful enough to describe Kelly’s recollections. You’ll need to watch this moving moment by John Kelly below:

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