POLL: Should Dianne Feinstein Be Investigated By The FBI?

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If Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) wants an FBI investigation, then she can have one. The agency needs to look into how she handled Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation against Brett Kavanaugh.

As Feinstein and many Democrats have already said, a person who has nothing to hide shouldn’t fear the scrutiny of federal law enforcement.

Before, during, and after Ford’s allegation went public, Feinstein has acted in such a dodgy, partisan way that one can’t help but wonder about her motivations.

It was known soon after the allegation came out that Feinstein learned about Ford’s story in July. Feinstein never mentioned the accusation during the hours of Kavanaugh’s original Senate hearings, nor did she say anything in private interviews with the nominee.

Granted, Feinstein has a good excuse for that. Ford asked for Feinstein to maintain confidentiality, and Feinstein has said as much to defend herself against accusations of manipulating Ford for partisan reasons.

Nevertheless, the timing of the story’s publication is incredibly suspicious. Feinstein was one of the few people to know about the accusation before it was leaked, and it went public at the 11th-hour, at just the right moment to railroad Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Her office should be investigated to see if Feinstein, or somebody in her office, was involved in publicizing it.

Irrespective of privacy concerns, there is also no explanation for waiting to refer the matter to law enforcement. The FBI conducts its work in secret.

If Feinstein had Ford’s best interests at heart, then presumably, she would have reported her allegation immediately.

If Feinstein had handled this differently, the matter could have been investigated without subjecting Ford or Kavanaugh to public shame and disgrace. There is no reason why the media should have learned about the allegation before law enforcement.

If Feinstein’s office did indeed leak the story, then she betrayed Ford and, indeed, the entire country.

Should Dianne Feinstein Be Investigated By The FBI?

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