Right After Trump Declares National Prayer Day for Harvey, a TRUE MIRACLE Happens!

On Friday at the White House Oval Office, President Trump signed a proclamation naming this coming Sunday as a National Day of Prayer for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The proclamation invites all Americans to “join us as we continue to pray for those who have lost family members or friends, and for those who are suffering in this time of crisis.”

“From the beginning of our nation, Americans have joined together in prayer during times of great need to ask for God’s blessing and God’s guidance.” – President Trump

Trump signed the proclamation while surrounded by a number of faith-leaders from the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army as well as members from the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. Mike Pence also stood by as history was made in the Oval Office.

Hurricane Harvey has devastated much of Texas and parts of Louisianna. President Trump has been working hard to bring relief to all in need. He is even donating $1 million of his personal funds to go towards the hurricane relief efforts.

After he signed the proclamation today, the faith-leaders present thanked him and offered words of hope. Then, a true miracle happened!

Around 7:52 in the video below everyone puts their hands on Trump’s shoulders and proceed to PRAY. They pray for our President. They pray for those hurt by the hurricane. And most importantly, a prayer goes out for our nation’s healing!

“Father I thank you that we have a president, President Trump, who believes in the power of prayer!”

The prayer continues to go out to those victims of Harvey, as well as prayers for the healing of our nation.

“We thank you that the President had the wisdom to call our nation right now for a day of prayer this coming weekend. This is what we need.”

There is no better way to put it. This is what America needs right now. We all need to come together to pray for our nation’s healing. Thank God we have President Trump to lead us back to greatness! 

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