‘We Have Complete, Total, Utter Chaos’ Secret Service Agent Spills Beans About What’s Coming Next Week!

There’s about to be a major problem in the United States of America. There are about 1,000 illegal immigrants walking towards the border, on their way from Central America, and they appear to be planning to break right into America. There are talks about them crossing the border in mass numbers so big that it would be difficult to stop them without having a proper border patrol. Allowing that many illegal immigrants to break into America at once is something that is curtailed if there was a proper border wall.

Former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, didn’t seem to like the situation and called the massive import of illegal aliens “complete, total, and utter chaos.” The moment they cross a border illegally is when they become criminals and face deportation, however, they’re in such large numbers that it will prove to be difficult to manage the situation. The border along Mexico might require a military presence to combat the immigrants planning their invasion. If that happens, then one can be sure that the task will face scrutiny from liberal Democrats who wish to be invaded and have their country end up like London, Sweden, Germany, or other areas that have been ravaged by migrant influxes.

This immigration invasion is perpetrated by a group called People Without Borders. They might have forgotten that countries still have borders and entering a country illegally is against laws of America.

Fox News reported more on Bongino’s criticism of the invasion: “Dan Bongino was highly critical of the reported caravan of more than 1,000 illegal immigrants traveling from Central America to America, calling the situation “complete, total, utter chaos.”

According to a BuzzFeed report, the caravan was organized by People Without Borders and Mexican officials have not attempted to halt the migrants.

“There’s a consequence for us, Americans who have to finance this chaos,” Bongino said on “Fox & Friends.”

‘You can’t have a country without borders,” he added. “It’s just a land mass without the borders.”

President Donald Trump tweeted about the issue Sunday, saying those trying to enter the United States within the caravan are “trying to take advantage of DACA” and “want in on the act.”

The BuzzFeed report said that about 80 percent of the migrants are from Honduras, with many not only trying to evade poverty, but also political unrest and violence.

National Border Patrol Council union chief Brandon Judd said Sunday on “Fox & Friends” that the migrants are looking to cross the border and benefit from catch and release.

“We have taken in millions of people into a country that’s absorbed them,” Bongino said. “But in order to maintain some form of a collective identity in a country, we have to have some sense of commonality. We have to give generations of immigrants time to adapt to their new country and their new home.”

President Donald J. Trump chimed in. He claimed that the migrants are trying to take advantage of the pending DACA changes/deal. Critics believe Trump might end DACA if the migrants continue pushing into the country simply to take advantage of any benefits that the current DACA recipient have. Trump also criticized Mexico for allowing the migrants to illegally pass through their borders without facing a consequence.

The People Without Borders movement seems to be a large group of people collectively breaking laws together. If 1,000 people cross a border illegally at once, and face pushback from authorities, then a miniature war could break out as people become violent. The group might have good intentions, but they simply must adhere to the laws of the land they’re trying to enter, otherwise, they face consequences. That goes without saying and it’s true for most countries where you have to follow the laws of their land as well.

People can’t simply show up at someone’s doorstep and walk in without permission. There’s a legal protocol to follow when entering another country and it’s important that everyone respects every law of every country they travel to.

This can be called an invasion because it appears as though the mass number of migrating immigrants plan to break the law. Once they cross a border illegally, become illegal immigrants and this becomes an invasion. It’s chaotic and seems like it can quickly get out of control very fast, which might result in people being injured or worse.

Of course no one wants to see violence, however, the people attempting an invasion must remember that laws are made to be followed when it comes to border protection and they wouldn’t like it if people showed up to march into their land.

What might happen is that some people manage to get by the border patrol and then they enter America with nothing to offer. It’s nice to help those in need from other countries, but many will argue that America has so many people who are truly in need and that our country should help them first. That falls into the “America First” saying often represented by President Donald Trump.

One way to help Americans is to give them jobs helping others. That could entail sending people to other countries to help build their infrastructure and create more workable, livable communities, then teaching them ways to improve.

Of course, that might require traveling to hostile areas which would then require a military presence and at that point, it simply becomes extremely difficult to plot the logistics while there are terrorists ravaging various locations.

One way to prevent a massive immigrant migrant invasion is to have already had built the wall that Trump had asked for. 1,000 people can’t climb the wall at once. They would also crowd the tunnels that are likely already built all along the border, something the wall might not protect America from. However, upon digging dirt to lay the foundation, one can be sure that diggers will find a lot more tunnels then they expected.

What is your opinion of the caravan of illegals on their way to America? How would you prevent them from entering? Share with your friends and discuss the situation.

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